Monday, October 10, 2016

10/10/16 Report - Hurricane Nicole To Send Us Wind and Surf This Week.

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Hurricane Matthew threatened, did some damage and then left.  In the mean time, Nicole sat out there getting stronger, and now promises to become a hurricane by Wednesday.

Maybe you notice the northeast winds yesterday.  And maybe you noticed that we haven't been getting low tides.  The reason for that is Nicole.

Source: Magic
The surf chart shows that we'll have some decent waves for most of the week.  They'll be coming from the northeast for a good bit of that time.

While Matthew didn't leave us with much erosion, Nicole might.  As I've often said, the direction of the waves is important.  It is not all about the size of the waves.

Nicole is not going to be coming our way, but she will push water this way.  She might actually do more to our beaches than Matthew did - and without all of the threat to the mainland and all of the damage.

While everybody was out detecting last weekend, there were still detectorists out this morning.


You can see the northeast winds and Nicole in the Windyty chart above as they are expected to be Monday.

The water probably won't get as high as it did from Matthew, but coming from the northeast it might create more cuts.

John Brooks This Morning Before Low Tide

With the northeast wind and 5 -8 surf, it will be worth watching for erosion this week. 

In the near future, probably after this week, I'll do a poll to get an idea how many cobs were found after Matthew.

I don't have reports of many finds yet.

Happy hunting,