Wednesday, October 26, 2016

10/26/16 Report - One Exceptional Four-Reale. Beaches This Morning. Increasing Surf.

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Nice Four-Reale
Find and photos by Darrell S. 

This is not a new find.  Here is what Darrell said about it.

... My machine was still on and started screaming! I thought scrap iron or aluminium, but to my surprise was a beautiful 4 reale. I showed to some local gurus and they believed it was shaped as if snipped off a bar or strip. Many square shaped coins have been found, but not showing both edges of a bar or strip. There is a faint "4" right of the shield on edge of coin. It is so smooth it is hard to see unless up close. 

Cannot say who bought it, but Kenny made several copies. This was the actual coin before sold. I thought would be cool to take with the book. Kenny didn't remove the material in the bottom left hand corner when he made copies. We believed to have been part of a bag coins were in!!!

That is one very interesting coin Darrell!  Thanks for sharing.


Surf This Morning Just Before Low Tide
Last night the wind was blowing pretty good.  The surf was supposed to begin increasing today as you can see from the MagicSeaWeed predictions.  You can see the surf as it looked this morning in the picture above.


Tomorrow the surf is supposed to be up to 5 - 7 feet.  We're supposed to have a few days of 4 - 6 foot surf after that.  The problem is, at least for the next couple of days, that the wind and waves will be coming directly from the east.  There are still places where the beach is eroding, such as around inlets or other obstacles to the natural flow of sand.

This afternoon I tested one swimming beach that was producing tons of modern coins - so many that with the incoming tide there was no time to get them all, so I actually started to pass over obvious coin signals.  I expected nothing exciting nothing but modern coins, but I was surprised to dig a wheatie before I shifted strategies.  I didn't look at them when I was at the beach.  I just stuck them in my pocket as fast as I could.  I wasn't expecting anything even that old.  It was a 1940 penny, so maybe I'll have to take another look at that beach.

I did find one gold band in a hurry, which is what I was trying to do when I decided to skip targets that sounded like coins or junk.  I seldom do that, but this time just had a short time to work as I got there late and the tide was already coming in.

Wreck Beach This Morning Before Low Tide.
You can see the mushy front beach in the above picture.  The wreck beaches along South Hutchinson Island aren't doing much right now.  Modern coins can be found at various places.  The water did not get as high the past few days.

That is all for now.

Happy hunting,