Thursday, October 20, 2016

10/20/16 Report - A Few Of The Diverse Recent Finds From The Treasure Coast. History of Conquest of Peru.

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There are a few interesting beach locations out there despite the poor angle we've been getting from the waves. The high water helped, but it didn't get as high on the beach Monday night as it did the night before.  I'm seeing some accumulation on many of the beache fronts.  Still there were some old and new finds made Tuesday.

I went out looking for old stuff and found a little but on the way home saw a beach that I couldn't resist even though only modern finds were likely there.  I could tell by looking at it there would be numerous targets, most likely a good number of modern coins and perhaps a few pieces of jewelry and possibly something old.   I could see that someone had already gridded a good portion of the beach but I figured there would still be plenty left.  The area was too big to be covered thoroughly and most people miss good areas that aren't easy to detect.

I decided to stop and check it out.  I quickly found a coin line that contained something else.  Below is a gold choker that I found in the midst of the coin line.

God Choker Find
I hurriedly picked up a lot of coins but didn't have much time and am sure that I left a good number of coins and perhaps a few better things.  I can return at some later time. and I'd bet they will still be there if I don't wait too long.

The  choker is not very heavy, but gold always looks good coming out of the sand.

I picked up a real variety of finds the past couple of days.  Here is something very different.  It is not shiny but very old.  It is also a personal first.

Fossil Hoof Find
 I've found many fossil horse teeth, but this is my first hoof.  Tens of thousands of years old.  Very different from the choker.

And here is another different kind of find.  I don' have any idea what it is.

Very Heavy Unidentified Find,
It is solid and extremely heavy.  I can't tell what the metal is but it isn't silver.  Any ideas?

Here is what might be a grommet.  Like many items that I've dug recently, it needs more cleaning.  It appears to say "...D Hurnut."  And also 1847, but I'm not sure of that yet.

Any ideas on this one?


Here is a book you might want to read.  It is William Prescott's History of the Conquest of Peru, which is THE book on the topic.   You can find a preview online.

Click here to go to the preview.


There is a copy of Alan Craig's book Silver Treasure Coins in the Florida Collection offered on eBay for $28.  That is a decent price for that book, which you'll often see listed much higher.


If you will respond to the blog poll that will help us get an idea of how much Hurricane Matthew produced.  There are only a couple of days left in the blog poll.  Thanks in advance.

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