Sunday, October 16, 2016

10/16/16 Report - New Blog Poll Started.

Written by the TreasureGuide for the exclusive use of treasurebeachesreport.blogspot,com

First here is a little explanation of the new blog poll.

I'd consider Jupiter to Melborne to be the Treasure Coast.  That might be a too broad, but lets go with that for the poll.

As you know, Matthew hit North Florida harder than the Treasure Coast.  I know of cobs being found to our north so I included poll responses for both the Treasure Coast and elsewhere, which would include North Carolina and other areas affected by Matthew,

Since Nicole sent so much water this way, some finds could actually be attributed more to Nicole rather than Matthew.  If you were not affected by either Matthew or Nicole, this poll is not for you.

The poll will give us some idea of how much of what was found after these storms.  I don't think it was a lot, but there were some interesting finds that I've heard about,

I think the poll is otherwise pretty much self explanatory.

Your answers are very much appreciated.  Not only do they help us learn what has been found, but it also helps me to improve my beach detecting conditions ratings,

I might or might not add more to this post or another post later today.