Sunday, October 9, 2016

10/9/16 Report - Many Detectorists Continue to Scan the Wreck Beaches of the Treasure Coast Sunday. Few Cuts Anywhere On Treasure Coast After Matthew.

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Access South of Frederick Douglas Beach
This is a beach that is south of Frederick Douglas.  It is not a wreck beach and I saw no detectorists there this morning, but the wreck beaches still had a lot of detectorists scanning the beaches.

Notice in the above picture the two different colors of sand.  There is brown sand on the front of the beach (right).

I'll comment on this more later.  The same thing could be seen on other beaches as well.  It tells you a little about what happened during and just after the storm.

Frederick Douglas Beach This Morning Looking South
Above you can see some of the detectorists at Frederick Douglas Beach this morning.  There were a lot more.  Notice the lack of cuts.

There was an interesting dip where high water ran off from the dunes and back to the water.  I tried to take a picture of it, but it didn't show well.

Frederick Douglas Beach Looking North This Evening
Above is a picture of John Brooks Beach looking north.  Again you can see the front beach where the new sand washed up recently.  I'll explain what I think took place later - maybe tomorrow.

Looking South At John Brooks Beach This Morning
You can see some more of the detectorists that were out this morning in the above picture,

Layers Of Sand Washed Up Lat High Tide
Here you can see how the sand washed up onto the beach after any earlier erosion.


I received a lot of good emails since the storm, but I had no power until Saturday afternoon and had very limited internet access.  I didn't get to my emails like I usually do.  Sorry if I didn't get back to you.

There were all kinds of great emails.  I'll try to share some in the future.

I appreciate all of the emails sent by my kind readers, and want to say how much I appreciate the kind sentiments.

Here is one such email from Terry T. talking about Friday.

Just a little info - you may already know. We could not drive to the museum along A1A. It was covered in mud, and "stuff". Law enforcement had it shut down. We made the hike from a little south toward the museum and turned back around after seeing no erosion. Stopped at treasure shores, golden sands, wabassso, seagrape, rio mar, turtle trail, FIT, and a few other spots in between. It honestly looked like regular summer conditions with a little mess on the beach from branches and piling's. The first trough had branches - big branches in it rolling along in the smooth surf. The cut at the dune wall was a max of about 8' (turtle trail). Had to duck very low under branches to get their along the trail. I don't think the surge was strong enough to penetrate the renourishment sand in many places, and expose any goodies. All the beaches looked very much just like before the storm in this area.

For a cat 4 passing 30 miles off the beach here - I was in shock when I saw very, very, VERY little erosion. I am sure some goodies will be found, but what ever happened out their overnight was the complete opposite of what I expected.

Thanks much for your report Terry.  Under more normal conditions I would have posted it sooner.

The sidewalk along the river was torn up by the rough water washed against it by the west winds. It seems we sustained more damage from the west wind than anything else. Along much of the Treasure Coast water washed onto A1A from the river.  The beach was also affected more by the west wind than any north/northeast wind.  I'll talk about that more some other day.

I got reports and pictures from Jupiter too.  The report was that they fared about the same as us,only maybe less.  Not much improvement.

I have more to share but that will be all for now.

Happy hunting,