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10/24/16 Report - Strap Gold Bar. 250,000 Year-Old Aluminum Find. Post-Matthew Modern Era Finds. Bigger Surf Coming.

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Gold "Strap" Bar Currently Listed In The Sedwick Coins Auction # 20.
This could be the star of the most recent Sedwick auction. It has an estimated price of $60,000 to $90,0000, and already has a bid of $50,000.  Here is part of what the description says.

Complete gold "strap" ingot for making oro corriente pieces, marked five times with circular tax stamp of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (Charles I of Spain) and C inside box, 1128 grams, estimated 22K, very rare, from an unidentified early 1500s wreck in the Caribbean. 10-1/2" x 1-1/4" x 1/4". It is tempting to call this object simply a “gold bar,” but that does not convey its full importance, as its near-uniform flatness and its markings all indicate that this piece is the first example ever recorded of a complete “strap” (in Spanish: riel) for cutting into the known (but very rare) money pieces (small) known as “oro corriente,” which were used in place of actual gold coins (which were in short supply) in the colonies and thus represent the “first fish out of the lake” from the colonies in terms of local gold coinage...

You can find the auction catalog at

The surf Monday is predicted to be only one or two feet, but the surf will start to increase Tuesday and according to the predictions, possibly reaching up to six or seven feet by Thursday.  The tides are still remaining pretty high too.


Not only did Matthew provide access to old shipwreck items, but for many people it opened the window to more older modern era finds such as those shown below.

These Post-Matthew Finds Include A Couple Mercury Dimes and Buffalo Nickle.
Finds and photo by Mark M.

Renken Y. found the following heavy silver ring and military shell, both of which were lost for a good while.

Finds and photos by Renken

The shell casing looks like a WW II era shell.  Many of them were found along the Treasure Coast in the past.  It seems they don't surface as often as they used to.


Source: See link immediately below.
This piece of metal was estimated to be 250,000 years old even though aluminum is a much more modern metal.  Some take this to mean that it must be a part of a UFO wreck.  Personally, I've long doubted the methods used for determining ages and so am not convinced that it is actually that old.  Might be though.

Here is the link to the story.

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Thanks for all the responses to the blog poll.  The poll results showed that my beach ratings and predictions were accurate.

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