Sunday, October 2, 2016

10/2/16 Report - Hurricane and Surf Predictions For The Treasure Coast. Metal Pieces Found On Island Paradise.

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Beautiful Island Photo
Submitted by Alberto (see below).
The first thing I want to do today is give an update on Matthew.  The Sunday 2 PM shows the following cone.

Sunday 2 PM Upate
There have been a few updates since I last posted a picture of the cone.  There has been little change in the past day or so.

The southern part of the path is a little more to the east than it was. Earlier they had it tracking over a broader area of Cuba.  Now it is just hitting the tip of Haiti and Cuba.  When it gets up by Florida, it staying a little farther east also.  I have no complaint about that.

As far as the strength, it is projected to be above 110 mph until it gets into the northern Bahamas, then it is predicted to weaken a little.

I'm making a lot out of very small changes.  There is still a lot of uncertainty in the whole thing.  Notice that the western edge of the cone of uncertainty still touches the East Coast of Florida.  We'll have to keep watching.

Source: Magic
There are some slight changes in the surf predictions too.  Now Fort Pierce is predicted to get up to 9 feet.  That is less than was predicted the past couple of days, but it is still a good bit.  We'll have to see how it lines up with the tides etc.  I sort of expected these changes.  I've often commented on how big long-range surf predictions tend to moderate as they get closer in time.

Another change, though, is that now we are predicted to get four to six feet for a few days after the peak surf.  That could either help or hurt, depending up on the direction of the wind.  Without looking at that in detail, I'd suspect that it means that cuts will fill in not too long after they happen.  Again, that depends upon the direction of the wind and waves.


I got an email  from Alberto S. that included the beautiful photo at the top of the post and the following message.

I have found over time items that look that at some point were pendants etc what I have not been able to figure out is the melted condition I find them in or at least they look like they have melted. One I even found in the San Blas Islands in Panama, while fishing in the area with my brother in law who is from Panama. I could only detect for about 45 minutes near one of the islands because my brother in law was nervous that the Kuna Indians still ruling these islands could get upset. Any feedback would be appreciated. I attached some pics of the items and the island I detected for a brief time. Beautiful place indeed. 

Great photo Alberto!

Here is a another photo Alberto.  This one from a plane.

Photo submitted by Alberto S.
And below are the metal pieces Alberto was asking about.

Pieces of Metal Questioned by Alberto
Photo by Alberto S.
I get a lot of questions about bits of metal like this.  The very smooth shiny ones look like melted aluminum to me.  We get those on the Treasure Coast too.

There are YouTube videos showing aluminum melting in camp fires.

On the Treasure Coast we also occasionally get bits of melted titanium from space vehicles.  Readers have contacted NASA and had that verified.  In my 2/23/13 post you can learn more about that, including tests that will tell you if the metal is titanium.

Some of the other bits look like slag to me.  Slag is a waste product of smelted metals.  I detect pieces like that more up in West Virginia.

I always recommend getting metals that might be either silver, gold or platinum tested by a jeweler or pawn shop of you don't have your own test materials.

Hope that helps.

Keep watching Matthew.