Saturday, October 22, 2016

10/22/16 Report - Post-Matthew Finds. Musket Balls, Cross and Reales. Florida's Cyber Treasure Hunt. New Luna Wreck Found.

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10-Year-Old Kaylee M.
Showing Her Hurricane Matthew Finds
10-year old Kaylee M. dug five musket balls and an old silver cross after Hurricane Matthew.  Great finds!

Not only does Kaylee like using detectors and finding treasure, but she also got dive certified already! Congratulations Kaylee!!


The Spaniard Luna and about 1,500 soldiers, colonists, slaves and Aztec Indians traveled in 11 ships from Veracruz, Mexico to Pensacola. A hurricane struck Pensacola about a month later, sinking six ships into the bay and wiping out a significant portion of their supplies.

This might be the third Luna expedition shipwreck that has been found.  It is being referred to as Emanuel Point III.  Nearby is a land site that could be associated.

Here is the link.


The blog poll will soon be coming to an end.  I hope you responded.

If you've been watching the poll, you've seen that there were treasure finds made after Hurricane Matthew both on the Treasure Coast and elsewhere.

Here are some cobs and a couple indistinguishable pieces of silver that were found towards the northern end of the Treasure Coast after Hurricane Matthew.

Cobs and Silver Found On The Treasure Coast
After Hurricane Matthew By One Reader.

As wealth becomes digital, future treasure hunters will be scouring networks to find lost or abandoned wealth like we scour the beaches today.  In fact that is already being done.  Maybe you've received an email from someone that found unclaimed funds that are due you.  That is in some cases legitimate.  See for example the State of Florida's

It actually works.  I and others have claimed funds through that web site.

Were you affected by the DDos attacks yesterday?  Our country is skating on very very thin ice. The government seems to have their head stuck in the sand.  One report said, The massive outage drew the attention of the FBI which said Friday that it was "investigating all potential causes" of the attack.  From recent events, I would have thought it would be near impossible to get their attention.

Amazing that the politicians didn't seem to care about computer security until they got the idea that it might affect them getting elected.  They are trying to blame the leakers instead of admitting that they've been leaving the door wide open to the entire world by being so careless about computer security.  When one server is vulnerable, every computer that communicates with it is more at risk. Therefore you see a wide range of related users being affected.  The leakers did us a big favor if it wakes up some people.

I'm dropping my Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating back down to a 1.  It could very well increase again in a few days if the predictions are correct.

We'll have a few days of smaller surf and then towards the end of next week some pretty big surf again.  Looks promising.

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