Tuesday, October 4, 2016

10/4/16 Report - Hurricane Matthew Predicted Path Moves Closer To The Treasure Coast.

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Cone According To The 8 AM Update.
Source: nhc.noaa.gov
It appears that the drift to the west that I mentioned yesterday is more than a wobble.  The predicted track for Matthew is now closer to the Florida coast than earlier predicted and much of the state is now within the cone of uncertainty.

From what I've seen in the forecasts up to this point, it looks like we'll have north/northeast winds on Thursday, but the strongest wind gusts on Friday, coming out of the west.  I'm hoping the predicted track does not shift any more to the west.  I'd like the track to go back farther to the east.  Some of the models still show it farther east.

74 mph is a level one hurricane. This is a stronger hurricane, and it looks like we'll be getting some pretty high winds.  The ground is already wet.  It still has a couple of days to shift again one way or the other.

Be very careful.  Some bridges, causeways or beach accesses may be closed Thursday or Friday.  You don't want to be on the beach during dangerous conditions anyhow.

Monday Morning Surf Predictions For Fort Pierce
Source: MagicSeaWeed.
Look at that peak surf late Thursday.  That is a big surf and would be when the north/northeast wind is expected.  As the hurricane passes, the wind shifts and we get the west winds and the small surf Friday and through the weekend.

If the predictions are correct, the big surf isn't going to last long but will be big.

Predicted Wind For Thursday Night.
Source: Windyty.com
Here is what the wind will be doing Thursday night according to WindyTy.com.  The center of Matthew will have passed over the eastern Bahamas, and we'll be getting some strong north/northeast winds.  When the storm goes farther north, we'll be getting a west wind.

That is all I have for now.  I might be back later, especially if there is any significant change.

Batten down the hatches.