Thursday, October 13, 2016

10/13/16 Report - One Very Cool Find. King Tide. More On Treasure Coast Beach Conditions.

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Find and photo by Devin.

Find reports and pictures are starting to come in.

Here is a very cool find by Devin.

Matthew hit them harder to the north of us and I'm hearing of more old shipwreck related finds from up that way.  Matthew didn't do much for us.

Nicole has been sending us a lot of waves and water, but still no cuts and very little erosion.

Beaches, including Turtle Trail and Seagrape Trail were still closed today.  I couldn't see any real reason why they should be closed.  A few of the private beach accesses were damaged but the Turtle Trail access was in fine shape.  The erosion in that area was primarily to the renourishment sand.

They are already talking about new renourishment projects.  They claim the  previous renourishment projects prevented lots of damage.  I doubt that.

Despite the seasonal King Tide combining with water from Hurricane Nicole. not much is happening to our beaches because the water is hitting the beach straight on.

I'm dropping the beach detecting conditions rating for the Treasure Coast back down to a 1.

Treasure Coast Beach Right After Matthew Came Through
Photo submitted by Jonah M.

Jupiter Beach After Matthew
Photo by Joe D.
I looked at Wabasso, Turtle Trail and John Brooks beaches this morning and saw no significant change.  We still have some days with high surf to watch, but I'm not optimistic at this point.

I do expect to have more find photos in the near future.

Happy hunting,