Tuesday, October 25, 2016

10/25/16 Report - Recent Land Finds, Wood Hulled Ship Construction and Components. Little UFO Fun.

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Matthew uncovered some interesting things from south of the Treasure Coast up to North Florida.

Dan B., who treasure dives during the season, has been making fine finds on land in recent days.

Finds From One Site Dan hunted.
Finds by Dan B. From Another Site.
People sometimes say there is no place to hunt and nothing left to be found.  It takes work, but it is our there.  Research helps a lot.

Thanks for sharing Dan.

I've posted some iron artifacts in recent days.  There is more of that than I've posted too.  Some things are not ready for posting yet.

It is always good to have an idea of what a find might be and what it might mean.  Below is a sample illustration from great web site that talks about how wood-hulled ships are constructed.

And here is the link.



A day or two ago I posted an article about what was speculated to be an impossibly old aluminum part from a UFO.  Believe it or not, I once posted a UFO picture that I took by accident.  Of course I don't don't know what it is, but it looks like classic UFO photos.  You can see it better in the original photo.

I was taking a photo of the bottle and was surprised to see the item just above the top of the bottle.

And here is a closer view of the item.


That is all for today.

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