Wednesday, October 5, 2016

10/5/16 Report - Matthew Expected To Head Towards Treasure Coast As A Very Strong Hurricane.

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Water Spout
Photo by Dan B.
This is a great photo of a water spout taken by Dan B. a couple of days ago.  If you look close you can see it coming almost to the ground.

Here is the latest cone.

8 AM Update.
As you can see the new predicted track comes very close to us.  It is barely off the coast now.  Other models actually show Matthew coming in and over land around Palm Beach and proceeding inland or up along the coast.  It doesn't look good, and I'm not talking about detecting now, I'm talking about storm damage to the Treasure Coast.  This is a slow moving storm and could cause a lot of damage.

Surf Predictions For The Fort Pierce Area.
The surf charts have changed with the movement of the hurricane, which is a major hurricane, I should add.

If the predictions are accurate we're going to have a big surf Thursday followed by a small surf for a couple of days, and then they are predicting an even bigger surf that lasts a few days.  That means you don't have to get out at the peak of things Thursday, which is a bad idea anyhow.  It looks like there will be plenty of time to get out after things have calmed down a little.  There is no need to run right out in the middle of danger while things are at their worst.  The barrier islands are being evacuated.  There will likely be bridge and causeway closings.  If you are from out of the area, don't run down here to get here while the eye of the hurricane is crossing.

This has changed from something that would simply erode our beaches into a real danger to the entire Treasure Coast. Screen Shot.
As you can see from the above screen shot, Windyty puts the eye of Matthew very close to us.  This is nothing to be taken lightly.  The eye wall could easily end up passing right over us.

There are two important points I want to make.  First, I want to remind you how dangerous this storm can be.  As a treasure hunter it is easy to think of finds and forget the extreme danger.  No trinket is worth putting yourself or anyone else in danger.   It is that serious.  Maybe you haven't been in a hurricane before or maybe it has been a while so that it isn't fresh in your mind.  Don't get excited and get careless.  Use extreme caution.

Second, don't forget the needs of those around you.  There will be those who elderly, disabled, sick and maybe alone.  There are those who will experience hardship and loss.  The needs of those that need help should come before metal detecting.  This could be a defining time for you.  What are your priorities?  What kind of person are you?

Think about what is really important and what should come first.  That will tell more about your character than any find. I hope you will think about how you can help and who you can help during times like this.  Some people with great finds are plain lousy people.  Another find won't help that.

There are a lot of people that need help under normal circumstances. There will be even more needs if a major hurricane hits our area.  Sorry if you think this is a bit of a downer, but there are more important things in life than silver and gold.

Be safe,